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Friendly Reminders

  A few friendly reminders when teaching Art Masterpiece ~ When choosing a lesson please stick to approved lessons on this blog. These have been written and approved by administration in accordance to what is currently being taught in cottages. We appreciate your cooperation with this. ~When planning a lesson, please give at least three days notice to have supplies gathered and delivered to the classroom. If you are unable to give three days notice, please email us ASAP and we will try our hardest to accommodate you in the best way possible. We have multiple classrooms doing art at the same time and do not always have the proper supplies for multiple classrooms teaching the same lesson so the sooner we know about your planned lesson, the better. ~When emailing to request supplies, please include teachers name, date and time, the supply list, and number of students in class. ~When returning supplies, please keep paper separate from anything wet like paint brushes or water cups. We have

Welcome Back!! School year 2021-2022.

 Hello Everyone!  Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year! We look forward to a wonderful school year filled with many awesome art lessons.  This school year brings us new curriculum which means some new art lessons. I am currently preparing the lessons and materials and plan on kicking off the art program around August 18th. If you are interested in volunteering in your child's class room, please speak with the teacher to find out if they need a volunteer. If you would like to teach other grades/ classes besides your child's, please email me at: Please continue to watch the blog for updates, new lessons, volunteer opportunities etc.  Thank you for your continued support- we could not do it without you! Jocelyn Carranza Eduprize Schools PTN  Art Masterpiece Coordinator

Welcome Back!

 Welcome Back! We are super excited to be back this quarter and look forward to art being taught the remainder of the school year.  The program will begin November 4th as we are preparing our supplies and lessons for the year. Due to current conditions and all that is going on, there are a few rules that must be followed in order to keep everyone safe. Your cooperation is appreciated as we maneuver around these changes. ●When arriving to the school to teach a lesson, a face mask or shield MUST be worn at all times. ●Your temperature will be taken at the front office and your must NOT have had any recent symptoms of Covid-19 ●You must have coordinated with the teacher and your name be on the volunteer list for that day ●When choosing a date to teach, you must give at least 24 hours notice as your supplies need to be pulled and delivered. If you do not give that amount of time, feel free to still email or text me and I will try my hardest to accommodate everyone the best I can ●In order

What have we been up to in art?

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching a "Weather Station" lesson in Mrs. Lugo's 1st grade class. The class learned all about the water cycle and got to draw their own! The neat thing is, we didn't connect it until the end so they didn't know we were drawing the water cycle until the end of the project!

How The Art Masterpiece Program Works

Hello Volunteers, I have had quite a few emails over the summer as to how the program works and don't want people to feel intimidated when making the decision to volunteer. It is a wonderful program that was written by the previous coordinator and we would like to keep it going as much as possible but need the help of our wonderful parents to do so. The program works by having a volunteer (typically a parent in their own child's classroom) go in once a month (or as often as the teacher and parent agree) and teach a short lesson followed by a coordinating art project. The lessons are all written based around what is currently being taught in cottage and must be followed as these lessons go with the curriculum. ALL supplies as well as the lessons being taught, are supplied. As a volunteer you coordinate with your child's teacher to choose the appropriate lesson, let us know as soon as possible so we can add you to the calendar and get the supplies delivered to the classr

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Eduprize families! Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing summer. The Art Masterpiece team and Eduprize PTN are looking forward to a wonderful 2019-2020 school year with tons of fun art projects in the works.  Art will start again on August 5th with some updated lessons as well as new and updated rules. Stay tuned for those to be posted in the next week or so.  We are always seeking new volunteers to either help in the classrooms by teaching an Art Masterpiece lesson, by delivering supplies or by completing small at home projects. Please comment below (or sign up at open house) if you are interested.  Thank you for all your continued help and support of this program and we look forward to a great year! Jocelyn Carranza ~Eduprize Schools QC PTN Art Masterpiece Coordinator