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Welcome Back Teachers!

I am so excited to get things going on our art masterpiece program this year! There have been many changes but I think they will be an improvement.

-Obviously the biggest change is no more folders!! Yay! All lessons are now on our new art masterpiece site. This will save on paper and time. It also gives us a little more control as to what the volunteers are teaching in the classroom. You may allow the volunteer to choose the lesson on their own or you can easily look at the lessons yourself and pick which lesson you would like your volunteer do. I hope this will make it easier for the volunteers to access and prepare lessons as well as allowing the teachers to be involved.
-You may also notice throughout the year that the artists and projects match the cottages. At this point there should be atleast three artists/lessons in each cottage. They are labeled with a topic to make it easy to choose which lesson should be done. Over time I will add more lessons. Eventually I would like to h…