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Welcome Jocelyn!

I am passing on the Art Masterpiece Position to Jocelyn. I have loved doing it but my circumstances have changed and it's not possible for me to put in that amount of time anymore.  Everything is still the same, same email, same site, same lessons you will just be dealing with Jocelyn when you send an email, she will also be the one delivering supplies to the classrooms.
Thank you for being awesome volunteers!

2017-2018 School Year


If you are a returning Art Masterpiece Volunteer I am so happy to have you back!
If you are a new volunteer thank you for choosing to help our students learn and grow.
Please visit the Volunteer Information page for our policies and procedures regarding the Art Masterpiece Program at EDUPRIZE Queen Creek.

This year in an effort to improve the Art Masterpiece Program I am looking for an Art Masterpiece Coordinator for each grade K-6th. As an A.M. coordinator you would be responsible for...
making sure that each teacher who wants an Art Masterpiece Volunteer has one and assisting them in finding one when neededvisiting with the Team Lead Teacher for your grade level to find out about any cottage changes for the yearreview the lessons for your grade and inform me of any changes that need to be madewrite and submit new lessons for approvalI still need Art Masterpiece Coordinators for 2nd, 4th, 5th & 6th!
If you are interested in being an Art Masterpiece Coordinator please let me k…