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Elements of Art & Discussion Questions

The discussion and art project should focus on atleast one of these elements.

LINE- marks left by a moving point
SHAPE- 2 dimensional surfaces(square, circle, triangle)
FORM-  3 dimensional surfaces(cube, sphere, cone)
TEXTURE- the way a surface feels
VALUE- the darkness or lightness of a surface
SPACE- the empty area around and within an object
COLOR- wavelengths of light, visible color spectrum

Discussion Questions

-What are the different types of line?
thick, thin, short, long, straight, curved
-How would you describe the lines in this artwork?
-Is this a landscape or a portrait?
-In what direction do the lines travel?
-Do they show movement or division?
-What shape do the lines form?
-Do they outline an object?
-Where does the line take your eye in the artwork?
-Is there a focal point?
-Where is the horizon line?
a horizontal line runs from right to left
-Where is the vanishing point?
the vanishing point is the point where things disappear into the distance

-Name some different shapes.
square, circle, triangle
-Can you identify the shapes in this artwork?
-Why did the artist use small or large shapes?
-Can you identify geometric or organic shapes?
geometric vs. organic shapes
-What pattern do the shapes make?
-Do the shapes represent something specific?
-How is shape hidden in this artwork?

-Name some different forms.
cube, sphere, cone
-How do the differ from shapes?
-Where do you see forms in this artwork?
-Are they high or low in the artwork? What does this show?
-How did the artist draw/paint/sculpt the form?
-What does the form look like or reming you of?
-What do you think this object was used for? Why?

-What is texture?
the way a surface feels
-Name a few textures around you.
scratchy, silky, smooth, bumpy
-Pretend you are inside this picture. What does it feel like?
-Does the texture make it feel realistic? How?
-What emotion does the texture give you?
-Do you want to go in and touch this artwork? Why or why not?
-How has the artist applied texture using his/her materials?
-Is the texture slick or matte, shiny or dull?

-Is this artwork dark or light?
-What part of the artwork is the darkest? lightest?
-Is the artwork clear or blurry? Why?
-Is there shadow in the artwork? Where?
-Where is the light coming from in the artwork?
-Has the artist used dramatic lighting? How?
-How does the light make you feel? What does it remind you of?

-Describe positive and negative space.
Positive spaces are those occupied by the main subjects of the work. The Negative spaces are the areas around and behind the positive spaces. Negative space can also be referred to as the background.
-Which do you see more of, positive or negative space? Where is it?
-Where is the foreground, middle ground, background?
foreground, middle ground, background
-Is the composition balanced?
balance in art
-Does the artwork look flat or dimensional?
-Which objects seems closer to you? Further away?
-Where are you in relation to the artwork? inside it, observing from a distance, looking down from above or from an angle
-Where might the artist have stood while creating this work?

Color(wavelengths of light, visible color spectrum)
-What colors do you see in this artwork?
-Are they cool or warm colors or both?

-Did the artist use primary or secondary colors or both?
-Are they close to each other or opposite on the color wheel?
-What color is the central focus of the artwork?
-What color is used the most? The least?
-Is there an overall color theme? Is it monochromatic?
-What is the artist trying to tell you by his/her use of color?
-Are the colors bold or muted? Why?
-Are the colors in harmony or clashing? Why?
-Where is the most/least concentrated amount of color?
-Do the colors remind you of something?
-What feeling do they give you? What is the mood of the picture?

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