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Third Grade

Desert Lab
During this quarter the third graders are learning about desert animal and plant life.

Georgia O'Keffe(cactus)
Georgia O'Keeffe Lesson Plan- shape
Georgia O'Keffe Artwork
Georgia O'keeffe Biography

Jerry Jacka(desert landscape)
Jerry Jacka Biography
Jerry Jacka Artwork
Jerry Jacks Lesson Plan- color

Naomi Brown(animals)
Naomi Brown Biography
Naomi Brown Artwork
Naomi Brown Lesson Plan- line

Exploration Station
During this quarter the third graders are learning about different explorers.

Jodocus Hondius(Sir Francis Drake)
Jodocus Hondius Biography
Jodocus Hondius Artwork
Jodocus Hondius Lesson Plan- value

Hans Dahl(Leif Ericsson discovers America)
Hans Dahl Biography
Hans Dahl Artwork
Hans Dahl Lesson Plan- color

Ken Turner(Columbus landing in America) 
Ken Turner Biography
Ken Turner Artwork

Ken Turner Lesson Plan- lines

Plant Nursery
During this quarter the third graders are learning about the plant life cycle and different types of trees and flowers.

Dan Bacich(fall leaves)
Dan Bacich Biography
Dan Bacich Artwork
Dan Bacich Lesson Plan

Eric Carle(plant life cycle)
Eric Carle Biography
Eric Carle Artwork
Eric Carle Lesson Plan-texture (2 day project)

Vincent Van Gogh(flowers)
Vincent Van Gogh Biography
Vincent Van Gogh Artwork
Vincent Van Gogh Lesson Plan- color

During this quarter the third graders are learning about plant and animal life in the worlds oceans. 

Jeff Wilkie(ocean landscape)
Jeff Wilkie Biography
Jeff Wilkie Artwork
Jeff Wilkie Lesson Plan-value

Tim Laman(reef)
Tim Laman Biography
Tim Laman Artwork
Tim Laman Lesson Plan- color

Wyland(ocean animals)
Wyland Biography
Wyland Artwork
Wyland Lesson Plan- space

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Fun Facts

We are half way through the school year and it has been a great year so far! We have some excellent volunteers this year and I love working with all of you! I appreciate all you do for the Art Masterpiece Program , the teachers appreciate all you do in the classrooms and the students appreciate you most of all for just being there. Enjoy these fun facts!

-August started out strong with an amazing 17 lessons in our first month of school. August also had the least amount of lessons for the year, which isn't unusual, in past years most teachers didn't start Art Masterpiece until September.
-September had the most lessons of any month so far, 34.
-Mrs Espinoza's 1st grade class has had the most Art Masterpiece lessons of any class, 10.
-First Graders have had more Art Masterpiece lessons than the other grades, 43.
-Our wonderful volunteers Shannon Krenz and Holly Sadlon have taught the most Art Masterpiece Lessons this year.
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back Eduprize families! Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing summer. The Art Masterpiece team and Eduprize PTN are looking forward to a wonderful 2019-2020 school year with tons of fun art projects in the works. 

Art will start again on August 5th with some updated lessons as well as new and updated rules. Stay tuned for those to be posted in the next week or so. 

We are always seeking new volunteers to either help in the classrooms by teaching an Art Masterpiece lesson, by delivering supplies or by completing small at home projects. Please comment below (or sign up at open house) if you are interested. 

Thank you for all your continued help and support of this program and we look forward to a great year!

Jocelyn Carranza
~Eduprize Schools QC PTN Art Masterpiece Coordinator 
2018-2019 School Year.
Welcome back everyone! I am super excited to be working with the Art Masterpiece program again this year and look forward to fun and successful year of art! Last year I took over the art program half way through the school year and I look forward to working closely on getting art into a majority of the classrooms again this year. If you are interested in volunteering to teach Art Masterpiece for your child’s classroom this year, please let your teacher know ASAP. I will be getting more information about the program, out to the teachers next week. If you are unsure of how the Art Masterpiece program works, feel free to email me @ with any questions you may have and take a look around the blog at the available lesson plans. Updated information/rules on how to request art supplies will be posted soon as well as an update list of donation requests.
Thank you for all you do!

Jocelyn Carranza