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Art Masterpiece Meeting

Our first meeting for the art masterpiece program will be on

August 20, 2012
 at 5pm
in the building 1 Science Lab

Please be there if at all possible, even if you have taught art masterpiece in the past, there are many changes this year! It is best to leave your children at home but if you must bring them in order to come please do. There will be a table with activities to keep any kiddos that must come occupied.

Hello Volunteers!

I am so excited to start out the new school year on the right foot. I have already had many parents ask how they can volunteer and I have teachers anxious to get started with the art masterpiece program in their classrooms. Most of the supplies are currently available in the cabinet, the rest of the supplies should be available in the next few weeks.

We have made some changes to the art masterpiece program this year, I believe it will make life easier for all of our volunteers. Some of you may have noticed there are no longer folders in the art masterpiece cabinet. All lesson plans are now available on this site. Supplies for these lessons are available in the art masterpiece cabinets in the copy room. You should be using the lessons from the site, not coming up with your own. I plan on adding more lessons over time, including those from the folders. If you have suggestions for lessons that should be added I would love to hear them. Once new lessons are added to the site I will make …